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About the Drop Ship Superstore

The Drop Ship Superstore is a website that is dedicated to providing the best women's fashion, leggings and consumer products at a wholesale drop shipping price and service. We provide all of our customers with three things; best price, best products and best service and that is what your customers should expect from you. We strive to ensure nothing but the best in drop shipping services that will make your company and website shine as a premium service.

To be successful at drop shipping, you must provide premium products at great prices and service that is at the highest levels. At the Drop Ship Superstore, we ship most orders the same day and ensure all of our products are high quality to beat expectations. 

If you are looking to add the very best in women's fashion, leggings and other consumer products, then the Drop Ship Superstore is the perfect compliment to your product offering.


  1. We source and stock all of our products
  2. There are NO middle-persons to dramatically increase your costs
  3. All products ship from our USA warehouse
  4. Same day shipping - We ship your items when you order them
  5. Almost 20 years of experience
  6. Dedicated to; Best Product - Best Price - Best Service
  7. All products have been qualified by the Drop Ship Superstore
  8. Low prices - high profit margins

The Drop Ship Superstore provides you the highest quality products, at the best prices with best in class service. This is about exceeding customer expectations and we know that when your drop shipping customer are impressed, your business has the potential to grow faster.











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