Bigcommerce App

If you have a Bigcommerce store and would like to add our APP for easy inventory and order management, you made do so from the APP Marketplace at Bigcommerce. Below are the step by step instruction to use our APP.

How it Works

  • Subscribe to Drop Ship Superstore
  • It's FREE for 14 Days then Only $19.95 / Month
  • Select Your Products
  • When You Get an Order, Your Website Sends Order Information to the Drop Ship Superstore (DSS) App
  • We Ship Your Order Promptly – Most Orders Ship the Same Day
  • Our System Updates Available Inventory
  • Invoices are NOT Included in Your Order
  • Packages are Shipped from “Warehouse” on the Shipping Label
  • No Information is Provided to Your Customer Except for What is Required on the Shipping Label

How to Choose / Delete Products

  • Browse the DSS APP or DROPSHIPSUPERSTORE.COM to choose products
  • Select your desired PRODUCTS on the Bigcommerce APP by clicking the top left box on the product
  • Select a CATEGORY to place them on to your website at the bottom left of the page
  • Hit "SUBMIT" to place the product(s) onto your website
  • DO NOT change product SKU’s - products and orders are tracked using SKU’s
  • YOU MAY change the name of products - Again NOT the SKU's
  • If you would like to change one of your products, delete the item from your website and select a new one from the DSS App.
  • NOTE: A single product may include multiple sizes
  • Once uploaded to your website, you may add the product to additional categories.
  • All orders are shipped from our US warehouse
  • There are no 3rd party sellers on DSS. All inventory is owned and shipped by DSS exclusively.


  • Most orders are shipped the same day if received before 2:00 PM PST.
  • Orders from your website are automatically processed by our APP and inventory adjusted.
  • Invoices are NOT included in your order. All invoicing is your responsibility to your customer.
  • Shipping labels show the order shipped from “Warehouse”.
  • There are no 3rd party suppliers on our system. All products are owned and sourced by DSS exclusively.
  • Once an order is shipped it cannot be cancelled, Order cancel requests are not guaranteed under any circumstance, but DSS will make every effort to accommodate all requests.
  • PLEASE ENSURE you have a valid EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER to contact you regarding incomplete or problem orders. DSS is not responsible for any delays caused by failure to respond to our communications regarding your order.
  • DSS assumes NO responsibility for shipping address errors. We make every attempt to validate an address, but it is important to ensure your customer provides a complete and accurate shipping address.
  • DSS is NOT responsible for any shipping errors or delays by the carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS).
  • ALL DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS must have an image clearly showing the issue. Products that are the result of wear and tear, such as the breaking of threads from a customer trying on a fashion product that is too small, are not accepted.

Returns or Exchanges

  • The Drop Ship Superstore (DSS) does not accept exchanges or returns.
  • To maintain the lowest prices, DSS does not include this service in our pricing structure and is the exclusive responsibility of the seller.
  • Each seller is responsible for their own return and exchange policy.





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