Drop Shipping Tips

Here are some helpful tips and ideas for you to use to develop and grow your drop shipping business.

  • Use ShopMySuperstore.com
  • Price Yourself Competitively
  • Use Your Own Product Names
  • Use Your Own SKU's
  • Write Your Own Original Product Descriptions
  • Market Creatively

1. Use ShopMySuperstore.com (Coming Soon)

ShopMySuperstore.com is a mirror reflection of DropShipSuperstore.com that you can give to your customers so they can shop our entire catalog. There is no contact information or pricing on the website so you can be sure that your customers will stay your customers and that you can select your own pricing. It's a great way to get orders fast and present a huge selection of products to your customers. 

2. Price Yourself Competitively

It's important to run a profitable business but it's also important to provide good value to your customers. At the DropShipSuperstore.com, we do not tell you how you should operate your business but we do have suggestions that can be used as guidelines in developing a strong drop shipping business. We use 3 principles in our business; Best Products, Best Price and Best Service. Keep these in mind when building your business and you will finding that your customers will become long-term customers!

3. Use Your Own Product Names

This is actually more important than you may know. If you use the same product names on your website, you will not rank higher than the Drop Ship Superstore's Google ranking. If someone searches that product name, they will find our websites with every other one that also does, below ours. By having your own distinct names, you can develop your own SEO and own the product name so that when someone Googles it, it will come to your website. It's important to note that very few people do this but some do so we suggest coming up with your own names for the products.

4. Develop Your Own SKU"S

Your own SKU's follows the same principles as using your own names for your products. Developing your drop ship business has a lot to do with developing your own business entity. Even if you change one letter or number, you will create a distinct SKU that when searched, will not bring up dozens of other listings of the same product. It's important to think beyond copy pasting product information to develop your own distinct products. 

If you are using ShopMySuperstore.com, developing your own SKU's is not an option, however, it is a tool that allows you to present the largest number of products to your customers and you may find that your customers become repeat customers as they continue to browse our vast catalog at their leisure. Developing a successful drop shipping business often requires multiple sales mechanisms to create more than one sources or revenue.

5. Write Your Own Product Descriptions

Most SEO, whether it's Google, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay or any other website, uses its own algorithm for their customers to find products. Creating an original description will make your product listing an original one of a kind item that will stand out and have the potential for higher sales. Also, Google frowns upon copy and pasting non original content and actually has their own word for it; scraping. Yes, it can take some time but all profitable businesses take time to develop and the better and unique your product listings are, the higher the chance you your listings will impact a search algorithm and in turn, increase your sales.

You may also use AI software like Chat GPT or any other similar AI software to help you write original descriptions. This can save time and give great ideas. It's also not a bad idea to use point form lists to help organize your product selling points.

6. Market Creatively

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and allows for new customers to find your products. There are a number of methods that you can use to help develop your customer lists. These include:

  • Your Own Website
  • Create Your Own Youtube Videos
  • Google Shopping
  • EBAY
  • ETSY
  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 
  • Emailing Lists
  • ShopMySuperstore.com
  • Weekly Video Presentations
  • Weekly Parties


Your ability to selling and or distribute your inventory will be the biggest determinant as to how much money (profits) you will make with your business.  Once you have sourced excellent product, it is then time to focus on selling.  This is where your efforts, creativity and ideas will make all the difference.

  1. ShopMySuperstore.com - This may be your biggest resource and here's why.  ShopMySuperstore.com is our shadow website that has every product on DropShipSuperstore.com but without prices, contact information, checkout or anything else.  It is basically our giant lookbook for our drop shipping products that you can direct your customers to for orders.  They can pick and choose the styles they want.  It opens our entire catalog of products to you and your customers. 
  2. Fashion Parties - Make an event out of it and create get-togethers that people love to attend.
  3. Social Media - This can be a fantastic tool to get people involved in your business.  The major Social Media networks are:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
  4. YouTube Videos - Creating YouTube videos for your drop shipping business can be a great way to develop your drop shipping business. By creating short or longer form videos, you can showcase products by recording your own videos. Remember that YouTube is a process and it can take a few videos before the YouTube algorithm begins to notice your channel.
  5. Website - You can create your own website quickly and easily.  We recommend any of the following shopping cart providers:
    • Bigcommerce
    • Shopify
    • Wix
    • Woo Commerce
  6. Friends and Family Network -  Let your friends and family know that you have started a drop shipping business.  We have 2 recommendations with your friends and family network:
    • Introduce your family and friends to your drop shipping business and your available products but do not alienate them by being too  aggressive. Introduce them to your business, show them your products and fashion styles and introduce them to what you have available.
    • Your friends and family can also be a source of networking so impress them and discover any potential business or marketing ideas they may have.
  7. Store Front - This can be a great way of having a physical presence but remember to keep in mind that the larger the lease the larger the commitment to the business.  We consider this an advanced business idea.
  8. Local Mailers - Targeted home mailers that direct people to your website or storefront
  9. Networking - Talk to people about your new drop shipping business and the amazing women's fashion styles that your have available. We find that when people discover the quality of our products, they will not hesitate to buy more.
  10. Be Your Own Billboard - Yes!  Wear what you sell.  If you do not wear the clothes that you love and built a business around then why should the people you are selling to?  It does not become very convincing when you are not wearing the very product that you are trying to sell.  When you wear your amazing leggings and mix and match them with a great top, people will ask!
  11. Business Cards - An oldie but a goody.  A business card is intended to leave something with someone so that they have something to look back at.  Make sure you have your website on it and contact information.
  12. Build and Email List - Growing your list of contacts can have a dramatic impact on your growth but remember not to over-mail your lists and ensure the information is important and useful.
  13. Flea Markets - These can be incredible places to spend a morning meeting people and selling a good volume of pieces.  Check your local area for Flea Markets and other selling environments.
  14. Weekly Yard / Garage Sale - Once people begin to know that you have a weekly yard sale of amazing fashion then yo may get a regular stream of customers.  Remember to check local laws concerning these types of events.


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