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Fast Shipping from the USA

The Drop Ship Superstore is a proud USA company that is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles in the fashion district. We have been in the business of fashion and online goods for almost 20 years and have developed some of the very best selections of women's fashion and other products for your drop shipping business. We understand the importance of competing not only on product quality and price, but also on service.

Your customers expect only the best which is why we maintain the highest level of service with most orders being shipped the same day. We are all competing against the retail giants such as Amazon and Walmart so maintaining the highest level of service is critical to competing against them.

Same Day Drop Shipping Service

It's true! We ship 98.7% of our orders the same day they are ordered as long as it it before 2:00 pm PST. We look to impress your customers by making your drop shipping business look professional and organized. This means the Drop Ship Superstore must perform at its very best to ensure orders are processed quickly and efficiently. You may be surprised to learn that most orders are picked, packed and shipping with 1 hour of placing your order!

If you have had any experience with Chinese based drop shippers, you know that the time it takes them to process your order and ship it can be a detriment to your drop shipping business. Waiting 3 - 4 weeks for a product to arrive can make for very unhappy customers. We are all competing with Amazon and maintaining a delivery service level that is at par with them is critical to maintaining and growing your drop shipping business.

Product Quality and Price

One of the other frustrating things about using over-seas drop shipping companies is their inconsistent product quality. Very often, the product that is received is a far cry from what the image showed. This is because most of these products are just knock-offs. They take the image of another retailer, copy the product with inferior stitching and fabrics, but use the original photo from the original manufacturer. When you or your customers get the product, there is nothing but disappointment.

At the Drop Ship Superstore, we source our products direct from manufacturers we know and trust with some being made here in the United States. After almost 20 years in the business, we know who to trust and where to source our products.






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