How Do I Start Drop Shipping?

How Do I Start with Dropship Superstore?

To start drop shipping with the Drop Ship Superstore, is very easy. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Open an account on the Drop Ship Superstore
  • When you get an order, place your order on Drop Ship Superstore
  • We send your order out to your customer.

When we receive your order, we will print and verify your order, then:

  • A team member will pick your order
  • A 2nd team member will check and pack your order and bring it to our shipping department
  • Our shipping department ships to the address indicated on your order
  • The label will show "Warehouse" as the place of origin

It's really that simple! For tips on running a successful drop shipping business, visit Drop Shipping Tips

Take Advantage of No Monthly Fees

There are currently no monthly fees for using the Drop Ship Superstore. Other drop shipping service companies have significant monthly fees that you must pay to be able to place orders with them for your webstore. At the Drop Ship Superstore, we currently have no monthly fee, so all you have to have is an approved account and you can place orders for your customers. This won't last forever so take full advantage of free monthly use!

New Drop Shipping Accounts

If you are a brand new account and have no prior history with our sister website, The Drop Ship Superstore we may require additional information or a phone call with you to verify credit card information if your order comes back to us as "suspicious". This is a signal that our banks sends that all information could not be verified by them. Please understand if this happens as there is the risk of fraud that we must filter out. Once you are a customer in good standing, then there will be no problems going forward.

We Make Drop Shipping Easy

The easier it is to place an order then the easier it is for us to get your order out to your customers. We've created a seamless and efficient order processing system as we have been in the online women's fashion business for over 15 years. By providing an amazing catalogue of drop ship products for you to choose from, it's our goal to create the most profitable environment for you to operate in. If you are successful then we are successful and we take our part of the drop shipping process very seriously.

We are located in the heart of the Los Angeles fashion district and have been in business since 2006. We have leveraged our years of experience into the best drop shipping program available. Having great products and great prices backed up by our great service is the key. These are the three ingredients that come together to differentiate us from our competition.







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